Performance Ride Along $49.00 

Packages Start at  $299.00*WOW*

Full Day packages from $950-$1750

Dot R Packages Additional: $300

Supercharged Nissan Z, Mustang GT, recently added BMW M3 Race car and More!!


Interior Video $50.00

Exterior Video $50.00

Data Logging   Call for Pricing

Combo Video/Data/Music Production

On Track Photography 

The Cars are fully prepped for track days and HPDE, easy to drive, secure and nimble. Whether it's for a complete novice to experience their first track day or a seasoned track day enthusiast, every car is fun and thrilling to drive. Call today and book your Supercharged Nissan Z car or one of our Track prepped Mustang GT's

If you have never done a track day before and you're looking to try it for the first time, our fleet are the perfect cars to take your first step into this growing and enjoyable pastime! If it is our first time, we will insist on you having an Instructor; it will hugely add to your enjoyment of the experience.
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Having Fun? Keep coming back. It is a fraction of what it would cost to own and Maintain your own Track Car.

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