Arrive and Drive 1/2 Day:  $499.00

Arrive & Drive Full Day: $999.00

Two Day School: $1800.00


In Car Video: $50
Out side Video: $50.00

(purchase both and receive a free Video production)

Half Day Experience:  
Morning orientation, 30 minute classroom instruction, 3 laps ride along, 1 full 30 minute session behind the wheel on track in one of our fully prepped track cars with an instructor.

         Cost: $499.00 SPECIAL: $299.00

Multiple Sessions may be purchased at a rate of $250.00 per session


What should I expect?
Drivers will take part in a half day performance driving education including classroom instruction and on-track sessions of increasing speeds up to 100 mph with an in-car instructor.

What should I bring/wear?
Participants should wear long pants and closed toe shoes.  Helmet rated Snell M or SA 2005.  Helmets are provided if you do not have your own!