I guarantee you'll  be back!!

Your experience starts from the moment you contact us, we are able to provide all the elements required to ensure your day is flawless.

You don't have to own a track car, a truck and a trailer. You don't have to know anything about maintaining a performance car. This allows you to show up and concentrate on learning to drive and have the time of your life. We are your race team for the day!

An instructor will show you where to place the car on the track, how to prepare for a corner, when and how much to brake, when and how to steer correctly, how to take the correct line, where to apply power and how much. An instructor will encourage you to push, but will always make sure you are driving within your own limits.

For those who would like to experience something a little special in a Driver's Ed environment, NJBENTWHEEL.com and TrackCar4rent.com present our "Arrive and Drive". 

If you have never done a track day before and you're looking to try it for the first time, our Z is the perfect car to take your first step into this growing and enjoyable pastime! If it is your first time, we will insist on you having an instructor; however it will hugely add to your enjoyment of the experience.


Email us at njbentwheel@yahoo.com

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It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I really enjoyed the experience. As far as the overall arrangement it concerned, it was simple and worry-free and will recommend it to all of my friends (who were shitting bricks about tracking their own cars). Now there is no excuse! 

As far as instruction is concerned, for me personally it was an important step because thanks for you I started transitioning from just trying to drive fast on a track to learning HOW to drive properly (and therefore be fast). This stuff is not easy! Driving Fred's Corvette was also extremely important because it made me realize how forgiving my Bentley is since it was covering for my mistakes with a combination of 621 HP and AWD. Now I will have to re-learn quite a bit. Thank you for staying on top of my driving and making constant corrections - this was a big help!